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Marketing is used to make you money and grow your business. Less directly, it is the creation of developing a cohesive brand identity and message (backed by thorough interviews, market research and segmentation, etc.) and the implementation of complimentary strategies to relate that message to the client’s target audience(s).​

Marketing and advertising are often confused as being the same or lumped together for brevity’s sake, but the two are not synonymous. To break it down to its simplest terms, marketing is a toolbox, and advertising is just one of those tools. Many people think because there’s some information available on the worldwide webs, that they fully understand marketing and take their stab at implementing a campaign. You use marketing materials and strategies for one ultimate reason – to make your business more money. In fact, as a business you’re marketing should work to increase your business, and ultimately increase your profits.

Part of the problem many people run into is balancing their ideas and goals with their vision. If you are skeptical, think about your personal preferences. Most consumers focus first on appeal, then function. If you have the function but not the appeal, it’s going to be tough beating out your competitors. profits. Brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, Twitter followers…these are all measures taken to help grow your business, and ultimately increase your profits.

As small business owners ourselves, we know that budgets are sometimes a concern with potential clients. We always advise developing a comprehensive strategy, but if you want to grow your business but can’t financially commit to a full strategy package, you might find our consultation services to be a good option for you.

​​​We’re pretty flexible with the structure – you can use us one time if you’d like, though we find most people end up calling back. Why? In one hour on the phone we help you to see your business in a completely new light. You’ll feel better about your company’s position and the options you have to address your concerns. You’ll be glad you called, and we bet you’ll call back.

Marketing starts with Public Relations. PR differs from advertising. First Imppression defines PR as: “a collection of strategies and actions aimed at driving business to your door." Marketing tactics may include branding, advertising, merchandising, direct mail advertising and marketing, multilevel marketing, and more.


​Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires marketing that is on target in terms of your market, the method you use to reach your customers and the message you convey to convince them to purchase your product or service. First Impression & hdestrada Sales, Marketing and Graphics team, has provided Visual Market Solutions that have helped clients move their business forward by developing marketing strategies that can be artfully executed with significant impact.

No matter what the project – logo design, strategic or business ​plan, company or product brochure, product launch.  We follow the same proven process of defining opportunities, qualifying goals and choosing the optimal media mix for reaching target markets.

​Based on this strategic platform, we craft messages, produce materials and implement the tactics to achieve the desired results. Whether your business is a start-up requiring hands-on marketing talent, or an established company not delivering on your brand’s promise, we have the marketing solution for you.​​​​

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