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Your Sales Team Is The Tip Of The Spear.


The support that your organization provides to your sales team and your customers will determine the continuing growth and success of your company. All components of a business have to come together to grow and compete in today every changing and highly competitive market.


We would love the opportunity to discuss with you how we can help you grow your Bottom Line, increasing your Sales and Band Awareness. A companies continuing success depends on the evolution, evaluation and continuing training and coaching of a companies employees.


At hdestrada our expertise is to provide our clients with first class training and coaching of their sales and customer service team to insure the continuing growth of their company.   

Sales Outsourcing Maybe The RIGHT

Solution To Growing Your Sales

  • Sales & marketing outsourcing lowers your risks and increases your ROI of sales investments

  • An outsourced sale management saves you time and eliminates training and turnover costs

  • We free up your resources to focus on what you do best and leave the sales & marketing to us

  • Streamlined complete sales process management including demand generation

  •  Our B2B Sales experience can opens doors otherwise unavailable because you do not have the time to pursue 

Outsourcing Sales Services

Our senior sales & marketing executives are familiar with your industry and ready to start producing improved sales & marketing results from Day 1. We focus first on strategy, then quickly transition to execution.

We Provide The Following Outsourcing Sales Services

  • Development and implementation of a scalable strategic sales plan

  • Identification of target markets and accounts along with introductions to senior decision makers

  • Identification and introduction to appropriate partners and sales channels

  • Creation and implementation of B2B lead generation designed to engage prospective customers and partners to drive revenue

  • Planning and execution of corporate events and marketing programs

  • Representation at appropriate Networking and Chamber events and meetings in your area.


We Enhance Sales Productivity Tools Including

  • PowerPoint presentations Pipeline reports with accompanying methodologies

  • Sales operations plans and reports

  • CRM systems and management reporting tools

  • Marketing collateral and programs

Why should you outsource your sales efforts?


The advantages of sales force outsourcing:

  • Rapid time-to-market and market penetration

  • Rapid exploitation of new markets and verticals

  • Increased lead generation and conversion to customers

  • More efficient use of manpower and resources

  • Lower cost-of-sales and higher ROI

  • Increased sales revenues and profits

Why should you choose hdestrada marketing & sales?


Our Sales Executives work with you to create a blueprint for sales growth based on your goals and objectives. We then help you validate the strategy through pure sales execution. We target your best prospects and jump start relationships that will create a repeatable revenue stream. As part of our process, we deploy internal lead generation services, senior sales executives and operations professionals to drive your products and services through the sales funnel and into revenue growth. This leaves our clients with a scalable and sustainable sales model for the future.


Senior Corporate Sales & Marketing Specialist



The Senior Corporate Sales & Marketing Specialist (SCSM) is responsible for new business development, prospecting, and cultivating and penetrating sales in selected corporate accounts. The SCSMS serves as the primary contact for developing long-term customer relationships.

  • Weekly monitoring of sales activities given on the Monday of the proceeding week

  • Professionally represent Client at appropriate Networking and Chamber events and meetings in your sales territory.

  • Travel as required in order to meet with customers, vendors, other team members, and/or other business necessities

  • Manage the entirety of assigned accounts and travel to multiple locations (including national travel) within the account, as required

  • Build and lead account strategy by engaging additional resources to grow revenue

  • Maintain and grow established accounts with the primary focus on key targeted customers with decision-making abilities

  • Initiate marketing activities to activate Clients services to defined customer segmentation

  • Schedule and conduct regular in-person visits to new and existing customers

  • Coordinate sales efforts, services and all core print product offerings

  • Participate in the qualification process of new customer prospects

  • Interact with the Managing Director (Owner) to develop and execute sales strategies for existing accounts and new business development

  • Achieve new account targets based on corporate account prospects

  • Achieve sales activities and performance objectives for retention and penetration of strategically targeted customer accounts

Sales Training

Sales training doesn’t work” claim some business owners and sales managers who view training as an event—often a short-term event designed primarily to educate—rather than a process.  Effective training must be more than education.  It must include application with measurement, feedback, fine-tuning, and reinforcement.


Sales training does work.  Effecting lasting behavioral change and mastering new skills are not overnight processes.  First Impression training is built on the concept of incremental growth and change over time—supported by repetition, reinforcement, and coaching.  With First Impression's training, you’re not alone.  Your trainer is at your side providing coaching, encouragement, and feedback as you learn to apply the First Impression strategies and tactics to your business environment.


Salespeople are not likely to consistently implement a particular selling strategy or tactic, regardless of how effective it may be, unless it is part of an overall behavioral plan.  And, they are not likely to implement a plan unless it is supported by the appropriate attitude and outlook.  

first Impression"s training addresses all three areas necessary for Success--Attitude, Behavior, and Technique.

Each participant-centered training session—partly motivational, partly instructional—provides you with the concept, knowledge, and understanding of the topic as it applies to your selling environment.  Through appropriate exercises, you’ll refine your sales-development plan, practice strategies and techniques in a safe environment, and develop your skills, before interacting with prospects and customers.  With First Impression's training, you bring the skill with you on the sales call; you don’t look for it when you get there.



First Impression training works closely with small and mid-sized business, and Fortune 500 companies, to face challenges with time-tested and proven processes, practices and solutions to:

Identify, recruit and hire best-fit job candidates

Manage employees for optimum performance

Supervise, coach and mentor employees

Design and implement career-path development

Define and design sales process templates

Develop and implement territory management strategies

Map account-growth plans

Facilitate organizational change

• Implement a five-step plan or performance improvement

Develop and implement a Quality Service culture


There’s no escaping it.  Whether your business is local, regional or global, in today’s faster paced and more complex business environment, management and leadership skills are fundamental to success.  Business owners must lead their organizations; sales managers must lead their sales teams; and sales professionals must lead their clients and prospective clients.  


Sales Training has helped business professionals develop, expand, and refine their management and leadership skills.  Through our interactive and real-world based training, First Impression clients can expect:

• Develop a better understanding of human behavior and potential

• Increase their courage, confidence, and self-esteem

• Become more effective communicators

• Are able to inspire and bring out the best in others

• Learn to set meaningful goals and develop plans for achievement

• Establish a framework for making better decisions

• Implement processes to effectively manage their time and other resources

• Are able to achieve increasingly more difficult goals in shorter periods of time



Negotiating is a vital skill for business success.  Why?  Because everyone negotiates.  Business owners negotiate projects, projections, and deadlines with department heads and managers.  Sales managers negotiate sales quotas, territory assignments, and performance incentives with their sales teams.  Salespeople negotiate price, terms, and purchase incentives with savvy buyers who are always looking for a better deal.


hdestrada sales, management, and negotiation training prepares business executives to confidently enter into negotiations and understand the other person’s point of view, skillfully control the situation, and effectively orchestrate true win-win outcomes.

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